Performer’s Festival 2012 Schedule

The Performer’s Festival Schedule is up!

It is sorted in 3 ways:

  1. By first name of performer or leader
  2. By rehearsal time
  3. By performance time

Please check them out and make sure everything is okay and that your group is included!

To save time, I scheduled rehearsals ONLY for musical numbers and for large groups.  If you would like a few minutes to rehearse on the stage and you were not scheduled, please let me know ( and we will squeeze you in.

The rehearsal and performance times are APPROXIMATE!

Please have an introduction on paper prepared for the MC.  Make sure it includes your name or your group’s name, club, title of the work, and any other interesting details you want the audience to hear before you start.  If someone from your group prefers to make the introduction, please let us know that, as well!

Please be respectful of the performers and watch as much of the other performances as possible.  Plan to be backstage for about 2 acts before your turn.

Here is the SCHEDULE PAGE!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!!



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