Few more notes for Sunday

A few notes before the Performers Festival…

  • Neat food and drinks are allowed!  We just need to be careful and respectful of the space.

  • There will not be a microphone, so practice projecting your voice!

  • The stage is being used until 12:15.  Please arrive by 12:30, so we are ready to start by 12:45.  If you arrive before the other group is done, please watch them quietly until they are finished, then unload your things.

See you Sunday!!



2 responses

  1. Is there a schedule for when each group is to perform?

    1. No, there isn’t a real schedule. The Curleys have created a program for the event with an order of performances. It’s just easier for everyone to arrive at once so they can watch each other. The awards ceremony will be at the end. We hope to be out of the Overture Center by 3:15.

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