2014 Results

We had an awesome Performers Festival 2014!   The acts were all so entertaining, the MC’s were terrific, Lisa Curley’s organization skills are remarkable,  and the audience was phenomenal!!

I hope you enjoyed using the Oakwood Village Auditorium.  They would love for more 4H groups to perform there!  If your club is having a special ceremony, event, or performance, consider having it at Oakwood Village Auditorium.  The residents we talked with on our way out really enjoyed watching the show!  One idea is to have a practice fair before the Dane County Fair at Oakwood Village.  Kids can practice showing their art, sewing, woodworking, or any other non-animal projects.
The contact person is:

Stephanie Burris

Campus Life Enrichment Director

Oakwood Village University Woods   
6205 Mineral Point Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53705    
fax 608-230-3286


And here are the 2014 State Fair Nominees for Communication and Theater Arts:

Music and Drama Groups (5 or More in the Group)

Selected: High Flyers 4H Club performing “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”

Alternate 1: Brooklyn Mighty Mites performing  “The New Face of 4H”

Mini Performances (5 or Fewer in the Group)

Selected: Alexis O’Connell and Jordyn Peterson: Finding Yourself (Interpretive Reading Duet)

Selected:  Michaela and Colton Curley– The Best Day of My Life (Vocal Duet)

Alternate 1:  Danika Wanish–  Nature’s Way (Interpretive Poem)

Alternate 2:  Ben and Dominic Jaccard–  Who’s On First  (Interpretive Poem)

Alternate 3:  Josie Ruth–  Petite Gavotte (flute solo) and Star Spangled Banner (Piano solo)


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