2016 Results

The 2016 Dane County 4-H Performers Festival was a lot of fun and nine local 4-H Clubs were represented. The judges were impressed with the variety and quality of acts. The audience enjoyed singing, acting, signing, instrumentals and unicycling. Thank you to the performers who shared their talents with us.


2016 State Fair Nominations

Music and Drama Large Group

Nomination: High Flyers 4-H Club – Play – The Case of the Missing Scooby Snacks

1st Alternate: The Ruth Family – Brooklyn Mighty Mites 4-H – Band – 50th Anniversary Celebration


Mini Performances

Nomination: Rhys and Kiera O’Higgins – Questars 4-H – Bagpipe and Drum – Highland Tunes

1st Alternate: Colton Curley – High Flyers 4-H – Singing – When We Were Young

2nd Alternate: Ben Jaccard – High Flyers 4-H – Signing – Dancing in Flames

3rd Alternate: Sydney Cowden – Twin Valley 4-H – Singing – Don’t Rain On My Parade


Other Mini Performances:

Danika and Katia Wanish –  Diligent Doers 4-H – Confusion

Gigi Royko Maurer – Catfish River 4-H – Red Clay Halo

Gwen Mahoney – Springdale 4-H – It’s Lonley Way Out in Left Field

Johnson Uni Girls – High Flyers 4-H – The Sound of Sunshine

Mary Saley – Paoli Fireballs 4-H – Reverie

Meghan Saemann – Glacial Drumlin 4-H – It’s a Small World

Paoli Fireballs 4-H – Bubblegum

Paoli Fireballs 4-H – If I Were Not in 4-H I Tell You What I Would Be


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