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Register for Performers’ Festival!!


Don’t procrastinate!

We are giving you a few extra days to register for the Performers’ Festival that will happen on Saturday, April 18.

This is a big, fun variety show.  It’s a great chance to show off your creative skills and talents!  It’s also the only way to be nominated to perform on the Youth Stages at the Wisconsin State Fair.



Thanks for a great Festival 2013!!

A big thank you to performers, families, and friends who participated in the 2013 Performers Festival!! We had a great time and I hope you did, too.
Please watch for photos to be posted soon.
I so appreciate all of the families who stay and supported e other performers! It’s so much fun to have an audience. If you missed the awards ceremony, please contact me with a mailing address, so I can send your evaluation forms and certificates.
Also, EVERYONE, please call the 4H office to sign up to perform at Dane County Fair!

Comm Arts Festival and Performers Festival now SEPARATE

The Communication Arts Festival

will now be held on

Sunday, April 22 at 1:00 PM at Fen Oak.  

This is a pre-fair event.  Youth will receive Dane County Fair ribbons for their presentations.  The judges will also choose their top nominations for State Fair mini-performances.  These nominees will be asked to perform at the Performers Festival on Saturday, May 12 where one judge will make the final decision about which youth will be nominated to represent Dane County at the WI State Fair.

The Performers Festival (previously Music and Drama Festival)

will still be held on

Saturday, May 12 at 9:00 AM at Oregon High School

Dane County 4H Performer’s Festival is May 12!

SAVE THE DATE for the 2012 4H Performers Festival (4H Has Talent!!):

Saturday, May 12 at 9:00 AM

This event, formerly the Music and Drama Festival, will be combined with the Communication Arts Festival to make one big, awesome day of performances.


The Dane County 4H Music and Drama Festival is NOT a Dane County Fair event. We strongly encourage performers to perform at the Dane County Fair and the judge chooses the most interesting and relevant acts to perform at the Wisconsin State Fair. But, the event is sponsored by the Dane County 4H Leaders Association and the Communication Arts Department. My involvement is as a volunteer interested in Communication Arts!
So, the Dane County Fair does not provide ribbons or judges for the Music and Drama Festival. Before I took over it’s organization, 4H Extension Staff Coordinated the event. In recent years, I gave out certificates and Culvers Ice Cream Certificates for each person who participated in the festival. Maybe that’s becoming a bit old. Here is a poll to help me determine how we can recognize each performer:

What sort of performance recognition do your kids prefer? (Click here to take the poll!)