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Register for Performers’ Festival!!


Don’t procrastinate!

We are giving you a few extra days to register for the Performers’ Festival that will happen on Saturday, April 18.

This is a big, fun variety show.  It’s a great chance to show off your creative skills and talents!  It’s also the only way to be nominated to perform on the Youth Stages at the Wisconsin State Fair.



Awesome Performers Festival!!

Thank you so much for another fantastic Performers Festival!

All of the acts were delightful and the residents at Oakwood Village who came to watch it seemed to really enjoy the show!

I REALLY appreciate all of the work Lisa Curley put into organizing the event, creating the program, and finding this great performance space!!!  Lisa, you ROCK!!

The results are now posted and the photos will be up as soon as they finish uploading!

If you have any questions about State Fair or the Performers’ Festival, or Communication Arts in general, please drop me an email at polly4h@gmail.com!!

Thank you!


Register today for the Performers” Festival


The Performers’s Festival is rolling up very soon!  The event takes place on Saturday, April 26 at 9:00 AM at Oakwood Village Auditorium on Mineral Point Road.  Invite friends and families to attend!

Please REGISTER  by the end of Friday, April 18!

This is a fun variety show where kids can perform all kinds of things!  We will have a piano, microphones, and a very nice stage.    A judge will give each group feedback and will nominate some large and small groups to perform at State Fair.

Groups are encouraged to arrive as early as 8:15 to be prepared to start right at 9:00.  We must be out of the building by 11:15!

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Curley at musicisus@mac.com or Polly at polly4h@gmail.com.


Register for the Performers’ Festival!

If you are interested in poetry reading, storytelling, dance, making music, singing, creating skits, clowning around, or any other performing art, you should REGISTER today to show your stuff at the Perfomers’ Festival!
This fun-filled event will happen on Saturday, April 26 at 9:00-11:00 AM at Oakwood Village Auditorium.

Oakwood Map


Groups and individuals are welcome to rehearse in the space (generally after school or early weekend mornings), but must make an appointment with:

Stephanie Burris, Campus Life Enrichment Director

Oakwood Village University Woods   
6205 Mineral Point Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53705    
fax 608-230-3286


Park underground in the Heritage Underground Parking (see the map above).  Tell the attendant you are with the 4H Performers’ Festival in the Auditorium.  There are carts in the parking area for you to load with your items to take to the auditorium by elevator!


This event will be monitored by 1-2 judges who will give groups and individual personal, positive feedback about their performance.  This judge will also nominate performers to perform their acts at the Wisconsin State Fair.  All groups and individuals are asked to sign up to perform at the Dane County Fair.  Please contact Kathy Ottem to set up a performance time.


This is an awesome place to have the Performers’ Festival!  Let’s be awesome guests.

1) Food and drink ONLY in the hallway outside of the auditorium.  Let’s keep it very neat and clean up after ourselves!

2) Stay in the auditorium to watch each other as much as possible!

3) Youth must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

4) Oakwood Village residents will be using their facility and need the elevator, hallways, and stairways clear at all times!